The Doggy Duvet™

The Doggy Duvet™

$ 33.00

Our Doggy Duvet's

™ are made with 100% American made Duck Cloth Canvas

These beds are incredibly stylish, durable, and machine washable.

They can be stuffed with pillows, blankets and even old clothes you have laying around.  It's a great way to recycle and stops you from spending money on unnecessary bed inserts.

If you already have a bed you can use this as a cover to keep your bed looking new or to add new life into it.

The beds come in the following sizes:

Small 19"x25"

1 Standard Pillow or dog beds measuring 18"x20"-24"x26"

Medium 25"x35"

2 Standard Pillows or dog beds measuring 24"-26"x33"-34"

Large 30"x 40"

3 King Pillows or dog beds measuring 27"-33"x37"-43"

Extra Large 33"x45"

3 King Pillows or dog beds measuring 30"-36"x42"-48"